Cogwheel Scientific provides for-hire neuroimaging analysis and consulting.  It is run by Erin Hecht, Ph.D.  Dr. Hecht received a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Emory University and has substantial graduate and postdoctoral experience in various neuroimaging techniques, including unusual and custom imaging applications.  An online CV can be viewed here.

Why outsource neuroimaging analysis?

Hiring an expert consultant can offer a savings of time and money compared to hiring a postdoc or training a graduate student.  You save money on overhead and fringe costs and pay only for the work you need, while being able to rely on a high quality of work and a concrete project plan and timetable. This may be particularly useful for clients whose labs are not primarily focused on neuroimaging or who have a short-term project that does not fit well with your current lab members’ work.

Who will do my analysis?

Dr. Hecht directly oversees all projects and runs most analyses.  Additional experts may be recruited for specific projects.  Clients have direct, personal contact with the analysts working on their data.

How much does it cost?

Most projects can be completed for substantially less than a graduate student or post doc’s yearly salary.  Pricing is based on a rate of $75/hour.  A quote for the entire job will be offered after we discuss your project plan.